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Welcome, we appreciate your comments. We ask that you abstain from posting links and we ask the women not to quote or suggest scriptures. Thank you

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Tony Smith et al:

My previous login name appears to have been blocked.  I don't know if that was done on purpose, or if there were technical difficulties. 

Nevertheless, Tony Smith, you have failed to answer my question.
  The question is the following:  What scriptural authority do you have for prohibiting women from quoting or suggesting scriptures on an Internet discussion board?

  • 1 Tim 2:12 ("...I do not allow a woman to teach...") is not applicable, because quoting or suggesting scriptures in and of itself IS NEITHER TEACHING NOR EXERCISING AUTHORITY. Please explain to me how telling or reminding someone what God said in His word amounts to being a classroom lesson, a seminar, or a college course lecturing session.  I don't understand this -- please help me here.

  • Also, 1 Tim 2 says NOTHING about church and NOTHING about an Internet discussion board.

  • Your doctrine even prevents a woman from simply posting or quoting John 3:16 ("...for God so loved the world...") because she would be GUILTY of imparting knowledge about salvation.  What a crime!  Off with her head! (...and you call ME spiritually retarded).
I await your answer, from the scriptures.

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